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Ok - here's the deal.

This file is the exact same file from the very first "version 1.0" CD we sold back in January of 2001.
Upon first entering my material to the CDs, both on the labels and in the body of the text in the content of the CDs, read
"copyright 2000 Dennis M. "Mike" Bellm.

To load the Encore Trigger CD on your hard drive, do a right click on this link below and select "save target as."  Once you have it stored on your computer, just launch the file. 

Encore Trigger Autorun

The file is 1.83meg. Should be under 10 minutes via a 28.8 modem.


You will notice the yellow bar at the bottom of the page stating that this was created with an "unregistered" copy of Multimedia Builder. I have not as of yet registered my copy, I'm still trying it out as I'm not sure I will use it further.

If you have ANY problems, please email me at steve@1cox.com.