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Warranty and Disclaimer Statements

The instructions presented and the products sold by Mike Bellm TCs are "custom" in nature and not approved of by Thompson Center Arms Co. Use of our products and information may in some instances void Thompson Center's warranty of their products.

However, we feel you are entitled to a firearm that performs to your expectations, and this far outweighs Thompson Center's policies.

Since Mike Bellm TCs has no control over how you perceive information presented, how you use that information, or how you use our products, Mike Bellm TCs assumes no liability for the use of either information or products we supply.

We exercise due diligence making sure the products we sell and the information given will provide the results stated in most situations, but make no guarantee beyond that.

We go as far as we can to make procedures simple to understand, but common sense and good judgement cannot be built into the products. They must be supplied by the user.

Mike Bellm TC's products are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty is limited to replacement of the product or the purchase price of the product only.

Products bought through normal distribution channels and resold unaltered by Mike Bellm TCs are not covered under our warranty. Warranty claims for such goods should be directed to the manufacturer.

Mike Bellm TCs, manufacturers, and sellers of Mike Bellm TCs products assume no liability for any loss, damage to property, injury, or loss of life resulting from the use of said products.

Use of Mike Bellm TCs products implies agreement to comply with all safety procedures and cautions detailed on our online store and in all printed information provided with our products and to be responsible to insure that others in their control are informed of these procedures and cautions as well. User assumes all risks associated with the use of Mike Bellm TCs products and information provided.


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