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Order from Mike Bellm TCs for quick convenient service.
Avoid the long wait and hassle ordering from TC.

If you have a Contender, click here.
For both oldest generation Contenders and later Easy Open style frames, both blued and stainless as well as the discontinued Armor Alloy frames.

If you have a G2, click here
Springs for the G2 are the exact same as used in the Encore/Pro Hunter/Endeavor frames. They are a large coil spring, much different from the formed spring used in the Contender.

TC Contender Hammer Spring $4.25
These are our own custom hammer springs.

New manufacture with rear tail shortened so it does not bind inside the grip or buttstock. Otherwise it is the same as the TC factory Contender hammer springs.
Contender Hammer Spring 5-pack $14.95


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