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Common 7/64 Inch Allen Key For Encore/Pro Hunter Firing Pin Bushing $0.35
For Encore/Pro Hunter Firing Pin Bushing
3/16 Grip Screw Allen Key $0.39
Be prepared with a 3/16" Allen key hex wrench. The right size for most T/C grip and butt stock screws.
Diamond EZE Lap No. 11F (Fine)
One of the handiest and most economical of the Diamond EZE Lap products we use in the shop all the time.

Perfect for undercutting light pull weight Contender trigger sear notches, as shown above, to minimize the tendency to "bump off" when you close the barrel sharply.
Bellm TC Encore/ ProHunter & Contender/G2
1/16 Inch Pin Punch
SKU - 1/16
Pin punch for removing Contender and Encore extractors, front sight blade retaining pins, and rear sight leafs on early vintage rear sights. It is also the size for removing the ventilated ribs from factory ribbed barrels.
Bellm TC Encore/ ProHunter & Contender/G2
3/32'' Pin Punch
This is the pin punch you need for both Encores and Contenders for removing pins from the frame, the locking bolts from the barrel lugs, and the pivot pin from factory rear sights.
Bellm Approved 3/32 Roll Pin Punch $6.52
Bellm Approved 5/64 Roll Pin Punch
For Bergara Barrels
High Quality 5/64 Roll Pin Pilot Punch
Bellm 1/16 Roll Pin Pilot Punch $5.74
Quality 1/16 Roll Pin Pilot Punch For Extractors
1 Inch Scope Ring Reamer
Scope rings bend and dent scope tubes! Line ream your scope rings with this 1" reamer.
Bellm TC Contender
.375 Oversize Hinge Pin Reamer
SKU - .375 HPR
When a given Contender hinge pin hole is too tight for the Bellm Accuracy Oversize Hinge Pin, this is the tool for opening the hole to the right size.
BELLM T/C Contender/G2 .376 Hinge Pin Reamer $34.95
SKU - .376 HPR This is a standard .376" chucking reamer, to which I add a convenient way to turn it by hand via the star knob handle pinned to it.

Relatively few hinge pin holes require reaming for the oversize pins, but for those few that do, this is the tool you need for the job.

I do not recommend buying the reamer until you have determined that you need it. In other words, it is not mandatory you have this reamer in order to use the oversize pins, so there is no point in getting it unless you need it. Until you do, save your money for other items here that you need more or for more powder, primers, and bullets.

NEVER ATTEMPT TO REAM THE HOLES WITH THE BARREL INSTALLED ON THE FRAME. The lead on the end of the reamer will tend to "egg out" the barrel hinge pin hole and make it oversize, potentially ruining the hole. Ream either the frame holes or the barrel hinge pin hole separately. Also use a good tapping/Cutting oil or our soon to be released custom blended hinge pin oil works great.
Bellm TC Encore / ProHunter
1X Oversize Hinge Pin Reamer
SKU - 1X - HPR
Seldom needed for the 1x (.4375") Bellm Accuracy Oversize Hinge Pins, but for the occasions when a given hole is too tight, this is the tool you need to open the hole to match the pin.
Bellm TC Encore / ProHunter
2X Oversize Hinge Pin Reamer
SKU - 2X - HPR
Bellm Accuracy Oversize Hinge Pin Reamer for the 2x size pins, .4383" diameter.
Bellm TC Encore / ProHunter
3X Oversize Hinge Pin Reamer
SKU - 3X - HPR
Bellm TC Encore / ProHunter
4X Oversize Hinge Pin Reamer
SKU - 4X - HPR


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