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For some, this may be an alternative to a muzzle brake.
Changing the back side of the factory Encore grip for less felt recoil effect and better control of high recoil handguns.

The bottom lobe of the back side of TC's grips have always tended to bruise my hand, and the angled grip forces one to "break" their wrist.

Doing away with the bottom lobe of the grip puts the high spot of the grip's "backstrap" more centered in the palm for more even distribution of recoil, less angling of the wrist, and better control of high recoil calibers.

The shape produced is similar to the "birdshead" and "Bisley" grips found on revolvers from the 1800s and 1900s and Ruger's reincarnation of the Bisley grip style.

The example shown here is my on my shop Encore frame that I altered when doing extensive shooting of .375 H&H handguns.

I've done the same thing to Contenders when I was shooting a lot of heavy .444 Marlin handgun loads.

For me, this stops the grip from bruising the bottom edge of my palm and gives a far more secure grip. The barrel tends to rise less.

By keeping one's wrist straighter, the tendons connected to the two middle fingers are pulling straighter back into the joints in the wrist.

Recoil is more of a straight back push instead of tending to slide the grip downward in the hand.

Close up of the bottom of the grip.

No apologies or excuses for it looking like a beaver did the work!

This is my shop frame, my work frame. The bottom lobe was simply and quickly whittled off on the bench grinder.

Naturally, a little sanding and refinishing would make it look a whole lot better.


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