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For Encore, Pro Hunter, Endeaver, and Bergara barrels for these guns.

Durasight Z2 alloy bases and rings.
Black or clear anodized "stainless" finish.
Encore bases $14.95
Recommended for custom made 1" straight barrels and muzzle loader barrels.
NOT recommended for tapered barrels where the base overhangs the taper of the barrel unsupported like a "springboard." To prevent vertical stringing of shots, a thicker/stiffer base is recommended on tapered barrels.

Medium height rings for up to 40mm scope objective lense $14.95
High rings for 50mm scope objective lense $15.95
See-through high rings, ask.

Durasight Integral base and ring sets.

Excellent for all Encore/Pro Hunter barrels, but limited scope positioning.
Stock number DS412B, Black $28.95

Click here for complete info & listing of Durasight scope mounts

At this time we only stock those Durasight mounts for the Thompson Center Encore/Pro Hunter and CVA guns we service. However, we can get any DuraSight mount you want. Please contact us for your specific gun. We will gladly order and have it shipped to you.

Please check the Durasight website for numerous other guns.

Durasight High ht. rings
Durasight High Height Scope Rings Silver
DuraSight Fiber Optic Sights For CVA traditions Inlines Bergara Encore Muzzle Loaders $28.95
Fits CVA, Traditons and Bergara Thompson Center Muzzleloaders


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