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.300 Win. Mag., Bellm muzzle brake, 100 yards.
Dennis M., AK

Hornady 180 grain SST. H1000 powder and Rem LRM primers.

.223 Rem. Bergara barrel.

.243 Win.
This is three shots at 100 yards
with 70 gr Nosler BT and Varget powder. J.F.

Bergara .45 cal. fluted stainless steel muzzle loader
Photo courtesy of Steve Myers

Here is a 100yd group with your .45 Bergara barrel on my Pro Hunter. 100gr Blackhorn 209, Fed209A primer, 200gr Hornady SST in a light blue Harvester sabot. I love this barrel.

This barrel is getting boring!!! This 100yd group was from this morning with Barnes 195gr MZ's in a Harvester smooth sabot, 100gr BH209 and Noble 686 primers.

.50 cal. Bergara Muzzle Loader, 200 yards.

I have been working up loads for the .50 cal Bergara muzzleloader barrel that I purchased from you for my TC Encore. All I can say is WOW !!!

I have shot NRA competitive High power rifle competition for the past 25 years. I'm a distinguished rifleman and hold a NRA High Master classification so accuracy is very important to me but I never dreamed my muzzleloader would be cape able of producing groups like this at 200 yds!

I have been working with 250 gr Shockwave Bullets and T7 power for about a week now. Although the barrel has been producing respective size groups at 200 yds, I'm always looking for improvement.

Today I headed to the range with some 209 Black Horn and 250 gr Barnes TMZ,s. I will let the group speak for its self.

Thanks for for the awesome barrel!!

.308 Win., 24"
8 shots, 100 yards, 168 gr. Sierra Match King bullets
Photo courtesy of Doug Mullen

.270 Win.

Hi Kurt,
Got my 270 Winchester barrel today and mounted my 3-9 scope and installed the 1X oversize hingepin. Did a quick headspace check and looked like it was 0.005 or less with the factory ammo I bought, so I went to try it out. To say that I am happy would be an understatement. The gun performed awesome and you can see the evidence in the poor picture I attached. Yep that is a dime. I was just using factory Winchester ammo at 100yds on sandbags. The Federals I shot did not group quite as well, but seemed to be seated in further than the Winchester ammo. I can't wait to reload some ammo and see if it does even better. I would not consider myself a very skilled shooter, yet I got good results. Thanks for all your help, information and quality products.

.270 Win. 28" fluted

.223 Rem.
Just had to send you this. Got to take the new .223 Bergara out today. Put the new NcStar 6x24x50 on it. I had purchased new Winchester brass for it which I loaded with some BLC-2 and 50gr Hornady V-Max bullets. The brass was a little small so I had more headspace than needed but what the heck, it's a nice day to go make loud noises and expand some brass and start breaking in a new barrel. I used the 50 yard hill to make it easy to find the target with the new scope and it took a couple of shots to get on the paper and then a few more noodling the scope in. So here's shots 12 - 16 out of this brand new barrel with no load development, just pick some powder and go.

So, thinking this must have been just dumb luck, I fired another 5. Here's shots 17 - 21.

There is just the slightest trace of copper in the barrel. I am tickled!

Out of the box "before" tests with .222 Rem. barrel prior to rechambering to .225 Win. Imp.

.222 Rem. 26" stainless Bergara "full contour" barrel

Part 2 of "before" tests by Nick

Terry's "Before" test of .223 Bergara barrel prior to rechambering to .225 Win. Imp.
Terry's Encore with factory stock .223
Rem. 26" "full contour" stainless Bergara barrel

Diamond aiming points are 1/2"

"Bug Hole" group after rechambering to .225 Win. Imp.
Photo courtesy Christian Guntert

It would be overly optimistic to expect every group to be like this, but this rechambered Bergara barrel is a shooter!

CVA Electra
"Well Mike, I have shot all types of muzzleloaders for 30 years and none of them except this Electra can do this consistantly. I used 2 Triple 7 Magnum pellets and Barnes 250G Tmx Spitfire bullets.. Everything you said was true." F.G.

.223 Rem. blued, 24"

Data for the two targets above and below:
Protrusion 0.000"
Headspace 0.002"
Lapua Brass
CCI BR4 match small rifle primers
Powder H335
Group 2 was 24 grains
Group 3 (smallest) was 24.5 grains
Nosler 55 grain Solid Base Ballistic Tip loaded to within 0.001" of lands
Target at 100 yards
Ambient Temperature of 35 degrees, wind less than 5mph


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