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I do a variety of custom machining options on all TC Encore, Contender/G2, and H&R barrels most retail outlets can't even consider!

Anyone can put a price tag on a barrel, but few know what to do with it to make it work for YOU, let alone do the machine work you want done for YOUR special interests and needs.

NOTE: I do not "make" barrels from scratch. For those custom requests I cannot fill by reworking an existing barrel please contact one of the custom barrel makers.

Every day I get the request "make me a .......barrel." I am limited to the bore sizes, twist rates, materials, and contours produced by Bergara, Thompson Center, or one of the custom barrel makers. I will custom chamber or rechamber any make of barrel to most any cartridge possible and suitable for the TC break open guns and H&R guns. But I do not "make" barrels from barrel blanks and do all the machining to transform them into completed barrels.

Match Grade Machine for custom made barrels
For those bore sizes, twist rates, contours, blued or stainless choices, straightness of bores, centering of the bore, and the least distortion of the bore, Match Grade Machine has been the best of all to work with. They are my first pick of the custom barrel makers for those options I cannot serve with the limited variety Bergara offers.

You have the option to have Match Grade Machine do the chamber or they will also drop ship the barrel to me to do the chamber if they do not have the reamers for what you want, or you simply want my chamber work or any of the custom work I do added to it.

You buy the barrel direct from them the way you want it. I do not order barrels from them on your behalf.





Your best buy in factory chambered barrels.............

Customized Bergara barrels priced less or comparable to custom made to order barrels!

More bang for your buck and done right!

To order, please use the email contact box at the bottom of this page.

All barrels are drilled and tapped for standard Encore scope base.
NO SIGHTS INCLUDED. Centerfire barrels are not drilled and tapped for
open sights except for those barrels 19" or less that I have to drill & tap for front sight, only, as part of crowning process I use.

Rcommendation for .300 Win. Mag. barrels.
Extend the chamber and case neck to 2.850" case length to correct the throat.
This is simply a .300 H&H case (or other similar full length H&H type cases) run into a .300 Win. Mag size die, fired case pictured below with fired .300 Win. Mag. for comparison.

Extending the neck of a chamber cuts out much or all of an original factory throat and is an excellent fix for a bad factory throat or to restore accuracy to a shot out barrel.

In this example, most full length H&H type magnum brass can also be reformed to the .300 Win. Mag. case body using just the .300 Win. Mag. size die.

The barrel listed above was traded in as an example to demonstrate what such a resulting cartridge looks like.

Every so often a factory throat is cut WAY oversize, sometimes really chewed up from chips, dull reamer, or ??? Such was the case with this barrel.

I recall a .300 Win. Mag some years back that had been shot a lot, such that, as I recall, the throat diameter tapered down from about .320" in front of the chamber neck. This was on a bolt action. I set the barrel back, rechambered it, and it readily shot into 5/8" at 100 yards.

So whether to correct a factory throat or revitalize a worn throat, keep this simple fix in mind for your own barrels.

Barrels that have been shot a lot are smoothed up, broken in, and when given a new, proper throat shoot better than new.

In the example here, there is no change to the chamber body. It still shoots standard .300 Win. Mag., but there is a .2" jump before the bullet enters the throat.

Cases are simple to make. Just run a .300 H&H case into your .300 Win. Mag. size die to push the shoulder back. Trim to 2.840" if needed, load and shoot just as you would with any round.

With the increased neck length and thus chamber volume, you can either moderate force on the frame using standard .300 Win. Mag loading data or up the charge a few grains, of course watching pressure signs. However, I lean toward dropping the pressure a tad to make life easier on the frame.

Another point......
A longer case neck tends to make life easier on the barrel's throat by taking much of the wear caused by solid unburned powder crammed down the small hole. Getting off into more theory, one that was popularized a bit some years back was the concept of the angle of the shoulder should converge inside the case neck. The neck on the .300 Win. Mag. is short to start with, so if you adhere to the theories about longer necks being better, here you go.

I've salvaged a few .223 Rem. barrels in the same manner by extending the neck for the longer .222 Rem. Mag. case while leaving the case body original.

In both instances, you use the standard dies. Only the neck length is changed.

Here is a quote from a customer/serious shooter:
"I sent a Contender .223 barrel for you to extend the throat. After you cut the new throat it went from being woefully inaccurate to the most accurate barrel I owned at the time and I shot my smallest group ever, which stood for many years until I took up benchrest competition. This chambering which you called 223x1.85, I have recently found out once won the Super Shoot (I forgot to ask what year). It was shot by Larry Baggett and was called 222.7."

See The Chamber Cast Library. Click here.
Learn what a throat is, what you get in factory throats, the critical role the grossly neglected & adulterated throat plays, and how to get a good throat in a barrel for accuracy.

NEW! Unchambered barrels I custom chamber, Click Here!
I am now getting a few unchambered Encore barrels from the Bergara Barrels factory that greatly expand chamber options for the Bergara barrels!
This permits cutting chambers smaller than available in the Bergara factory chambered barrels.
Click on the link above for details and ordering.

Add a securely mounted scope base. Overhanging scope bases DO flex!
If you are getting vertical stringing of shots it may be the scope base dangling unsupported in mid air that is the problem.

Take the flexing out of scope bases that overhang the taper of the barrel for more stability and security of scope base attachment.
Take the strain off of your scope tube and rear scope ring.
Click on the link above for my "fix" for this bad design.

Weaver and the 3/4" longer picatinny scope bases let you get the scope positioning that works best for you.

Tired of the same old stuff the factories offer?

Encore barrels below customized by Mike Bellm.
Take a look at the examples shown below:

7mm-08 15" blued barrel with Bellm machined in muzzle brake.

I cut and precision recrown a big percentage of rifle barrels to various lengths to suit the individual shooter's needs. I'll drop the saw blade wherever you say.

These are cut back from 24" standard contour and 28" rifle length barrels with standard rifle forend hole spacing. Handgun short hole spacing for handgun forend can be added also. See example below.

Close up of Bellm brake.

Not just a bunch of holes in the barrel. Ports are strategically located and angled 22 degrees to the rear so that the gun is actually pulled forward and the muzzle is depressed when fired. Just watch one being fired. It flips the muzzle down several inches when fired. Your reflexes bring it back essentially level with where it was before the shot. Ports are located so they do not blow debris from the ground back at you when fired from prone.

Internal expansion chamber precision lathe bored. No contact between bullet and bore. Neat, extremely effective, precise, and permanent.... no threads that can shift and cause the brake to interfere with accuracy.

Cleanly cut 11 degree target crown is lathe bored inside the expansion chamber at the end of the riflings.

Here is an example of what my brake looks like machined into a fluted barrel.

Photo shows an example of the porting arrangement used on the fluted barrels, neatly tucked into the flutes. This barrel pictured has been shortened, so flutes extend to the muzzle.

Top rows of holes angled upward for muzzle depression. Bottom rows of nearly parallel to the ground so as to not blow debris back at the shooter.

Click here to see end views of brakes & more details.

Drill & tap rifle barrels for handgun forend, $35 optional added item.

Forend screw hole spacing showing where I added the additional screw hole for handgun forends.

Rifle forends are excellent for shooting handgun lengths from a rest or adding a bipod.
Handgun forends may require opening the barrel channel slightly.

One thing I like about cutting rifle barrels back to make a handgun barrel is the slightly heavier weight of the barrel compared to TC's factory handgun barrels.

TBOSS breech example.

More access to the case head for easier case removal from the chamber, especially with gloved hands.
More information about this custom feature

Click Here for more examples of past projects
This is to give you some more ideas about customizing a barrel for your particular needs.

Customizing Barrels, ours or yours. Click Here for details

Remember our first priority is making the TC guns work and enabling shooters to do for themselves, what we do best.

Virtually anyone can sell you a barrel without knowing a thing about it or why some work well and some don't. My process includes tightening the lockup, corrects soft or improperly hardened barrel lug, cleans up the factory crown, and isolates problems before they arrive on your doorstep. This is mandatory work that must be done. You virtually won't find these steps taken anywhere else. The barrels that I stock and sell have had the following tune up process performed in addition to any customizing.

The standard modifications I make to the Bergara barrels I sell include:

All screw holes bottom tapped for maximum thread contact.

The breech end of the barrels is faced off .010" to allow shimming the firing pin bushing forward. Belted mag barrels are faced off .015" due to the more extreme excess headspace common to the belted chambers and ammo. (Not done to muzzle loader barrels normally so as to minimize leakage to the bottom of the scope if used.)

You WILL see some daylight between the end of the barrel and the breechface. Contrary to popular belief the barrel-to-frame gap is NOT "headspace" as it is often erroneously referred to. What the gap measures is used to calculate headspace, but the gap is not cartridge case "head" "space." We find that a barrel that hits the firing pin bushing, ie, has no gap, often produces poor accuracy and can also prevent the barrel from closing all the way, thus interfering with full lockup of the barrel and even preventing the hammer from cocking.

Bottom line is that a barrel with a discernible barrel-to-frame gap is often a better shooting barrel than one with no barrel-to-frame gap, and I will not sell a Bergara barrel that hits on the firing pin bushing for that reason.

The barrel lugs have been correctly hardened and the locking bolts fitted for a tighter lockup. (I do not harden muzzle loader barrel lugs normally.)

The locking bolts have been refitted for optimum fit on most frames. This MUST be done to nearly all of the Bergara factory chambered barrels made before October 2012.

From experience I know that appearance of the weld is important to discriminating shooters like you so welds are redone as deemed appropriate.

Finishes are touched up or redone as appropriate, though may not perfectly match original factory finish and may show some handling marks incurred doing machining operations I perform.

Using my precision throating techniques and special tolerance throat reamers, the centerfire barrels are rethroated for optimum accuracy with a wider range of standard lead core bullets and for today's solid core bullets such as the Barnes X bullets. The Encore does not restrict you to an industry standard maximum cartridge length and allows you to seat bullets out farther instead of stuffing them down in the case. This increases powder capacity and gives more positive support of the bullet's shank as the riflings are forced into it. It is all about accuracy and performance.

Bellm Heavy Duty Locking Bolt Springs are installed.

A nice little extra I do routinely is polishing the top of the extractor to 1) make loading and unloading easier for you and 2) to minimize scratching of cases by the extractor.

I also polish chambers to some degree to help insure easy extraction and minimize reamer marks on fired cases.

In short, I do all the little things experience has proven to make a barrel work best for you!

Muzzle loader barrels:
Please call Kurt at 970 433-9525.
Kurt is handling the muzzle loader barrels.

Click here for Bergara factory contact information.
If you have a problem with a Bergara barrel that does not have BELLM stamped on the left side of the lug, contact Bergara for warranty issues. I can also rework your Bergara barrel for $125.

Ordering is easy!
Just email me from the email box below so I can provide an accurate availability, then when availability is confirmed just email the 5 items I need to fill your order. You will get an order confirmation sent back to you.

Customarily, you will be billed for the barrel when your order is received.
Additional custom order work and shipping will be billed upon completion.

If you want custom work on an existing barrel or one ordered from this page, there will be a delay in shipping and availability due to a substantial backlog of orders for custom work to be done. So plan your projects accordingly and be prepared to wait for delivery.

Most projects are completed in 30 to about 120 days.

$50 cancellation fee deducted from any refunds.


Prices plus UPS Shipping charge $20 added, continental US. Additional charge will be added for shipments to AK and HI. Tracking automatically provided by email or by request if email is unavailable.

Prices for UNCHAMBERED barrels, PLUS $100 for custom chambering.

These are fully finished barrels supplied by Bergara with NO chamber and without the locking bolt slot finish machined so that I can custom fit the locking bolts for best lockup. There is no discount for the work not done by the factory, thus the $100 custom chambering charge.

Blued 24 tapered barrels $238.95, custom chambered $338.95
.243,.270, & .30 only

Stainless 24 tapered barrels $272.95, custom chambered $372.95
.243 & .30 only

Blued 26 tapered .30 cal. only $238.95, custom chambered $338.95

Stainless tapered 26 .30 cal. only $272.95, custom chambered $338.95

Stainless 28 fluted barrels $299.95, custom chambered $399.95
.243 and .30 cal. only

Twist rates:
All are 1-10" twist.

Click here to see custom chamber suggestions for unchambered barrels.

Brief summary of custom work charges listed here for your convenience:
Custom Chamber or Rechamber $100
Cut and precision crown $60
Weaver scope base installed with 6-screws, tip stabilized $59
Picatinny scope base rail, 6-screw, tip stabilized $79
Bellm machined in muzzle brake $185
Drill and tap handgun forend screw spacing $35
TBOSS, single cut $50
Shorten muzzle loader ramrod $25

Prices for custom work, click here for full details.

Accuracy Guarantees and Warranties

Ordering Instructions:

Due to impaired hearing and being a one man shop, please email complete information to me to include these items:
1) Name
2) Credit card billing address.
3) Physical shipping address if different.
4) Phone number.
5) Description of what you want to order.

Easy as that.

Tip: Copy and paste the barrel description from the listings above into your emailed order.

I will email confirmation of your order and instructions for payment.

Call in credit card information to me at 541 956- 6938.


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