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I've dealt with ________ and ________ and while they may make some cool wildcat barrels I think you have done more from a technological aspect than any others. I feel this way because you put just as much effort into improving the action and function of these guns as you do caliber selection and creation of wildcats. You offer instructions and parts to make this happen which is more than any of the other over inflated ego's would do.

Mr Belm;
A few words from a satisfied Bergara barrel owner. I, as Russel Lynch am a past member of the Marine Corps shooting team. I never accumplished what Russel did, but close. I can tell the differences between good and super shooting weapons. I reciently purchased a Bergara .45 cal ML barrel for encore. After shooting it I sold my T/C barrel. The performance of the Bergara barrel is far superior to the T/C barrel, in all respects. Accuracy is outstanding with several different loads. Thought I would let you know.

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