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Skinner aperture sight on TC Contender

Skinner aperture sight on TC Encore

Mark James' .375 H&H Mag, 18" with Skinner aperture rear sight and Williams Firesight front sight.

The Williams Firesight creates a vivid sight picture.

Sculptor, hunting guide/Mark James Art

Skinner aperture sight milled into a picatinny scope base rail for back up sights or choice of removing scope for open sight use.

This is a custom option I can add to scope base installations.

At the very lowest setting, the depth of the dovetail cut in the base will clear a scope in medium height rings.

It will also work with "See through" rings.

Dovetail can be set lower in the base if scope base screw countersinks are cut to maximum depth.

Elevation adjustment is by turning the threaded stem of the sight, then tightening the set screw visible below.
The dovetailed base slides left/right in the slot, then is secured with a set screw also. This style of sight offers easy elevation and windage adjustment.

The Williams Firesight fiber optic front sight bead is excellent with an aperture sight.

For really quick target acquisition in close quarters, the aperture insert can be removed for a "ghost ring" rear sight.

Note that Skinner offers a wide range of aperture insert sizes. Choose the field of view you need or narrow it down for more serious target work.

Skinner Lo-Pro sight, click here
The Skinner low profile sight can be installed in any of the scope base holes or the scope base itself can be drilled and tapped to accept the Low Profile sight, but requires "drifting" the front sight for windage adjustment.

Skinner Sights website for details, Click Here!

Take a look at these finely crafted sights!
Purchase your Skinner aperture sights from the Skinner website.

Sight installations available by Mike Bellm
I do not stock the Skinner sights but do order them in with the options Skinner offers as required.

Mike Bellm custom barrel work page
Click here for information about having sights installed on your barrel or a barrel you order from us.


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