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Free Encore & G2 Trigger Job instructions Assembly Disassembly Download and printable instructions for Encore & Pro Hunter frames & the very similar G2 frame mechanisms for both doing trigger jobs and for basic routine disassembly/reassembly/safety function checking frames.

See How to Alter Encore G2 Sear notches below for advanced instructions.

We are providing free instructions and we still offer a printed version at a discounted price, but you can save yourself some money and get the manual for free.

Simply join the MIKE BELLM TCs Newsletter, an emailed confirmation and download link will follow, you will need a .pdf reader to access the manual.

Without altering the sear notch, our trigger/sear springs #1 through #3 are usually "drop-in" requiring no alteration of the sear notch, and the instructions are quite adequate for drop in installations. While there is a chance the #3's will require altering sear notch, I personally recommend and use the #2 for all my hunting applications. Never hurts to try out a few different weights to find the one you like the best.

For lighter pull weights, we need to provide you with a better means of controlling the recutting of the sear, which we have done with our EZE Lap sear hone. We have also redesigned our polishing stones and now have them available for purchase in three different grit choices and are now a commercially cut hard hard arkansas stone. I recommend you join our newsletter so we can properly notify you of new product availability.

I am giving them away for the asking as a printable .pdf that of course works for both pc's and Macs or as a download .pdf file. To access the manual, simply join our free newsletter.

We want to go green, and save you some green! For less than the book was, you can buy the pliers you really need instead. Now that's going green!

We are giving you two options for FREE instructions.

1-$5 off our previous price printed TRIGGER JOB INSTRUCTION MANUAL! Purchase from next menu item down the list.

2-Join the free MIKE BELLM TCs Emailed Newsletter. Stay up to date on the new products and technical support. As part of your free subscription, a emailed confirmation and download link will follow.

Don't want to attempt trigger work yourself or afraid if you make a mistake you would not know where to turn? We are here to help and now accepting all trigger work as well as general repair and cleaning. Contact Kurt Michael Bellm 970.433.9525
Specific tools for doing trigger jobs developed after the download instructions were prepared back in 2000. These are newer tools NOT covered in the pc instruction auto-run download.

Trigger/Sear Spring Pliers
The download shows using a hemastat for holding the Trigger/Sear Spring during installation into the sear. We now offer specially hand forged needle nose pliers with hooked, offset jaws that securely hold the spring by the coils while you capture it with a pin punch and push the pivot pin in.

They work perfectly, and whether you work on the trigger or not, every shooter should at least have a pair for routine disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly. They make life with an Encore or G2 soooo much easier.

How to Alter Encore and G2 Sear Notches
See this page for diagram and explanation of altering the sear notch.
It will become obsolete when I have the new fixtures and tools available, but is helpful for now.

80 degree Diamond EZE Lap for altering sear notchesNote that the instructions show using a square Diamond EZE Lap for working on the sear notch. Pull weights below about 3 pounds require closing up the sear notch angle by about 10 degrees in order to keep the hammer securely cocked once the sear notch has been polished.

You cannot do this correctly with 90 degree edge, thus we mill Diamond EZE Laps to an 80 degree angle so you can.

The concept is to use the SAFE SIDE of the 80 degree side of diamond lap held against the TOP SIDE of the sear notch, using it as a guide while the grit side of the lap cuts first at the inside of the notch and progresses until the inside corner is lowered and the lap cuts all the way to the bottom edge of the sear notch.

This closes up the sear notch angle, making it on a more horizontal plane so the hammer nose has less tendency so "slip down the slope."

Polish the altered sear notch with 80 degree polishing stone
We cut and finish special stones with a matching 80 degree angle to follow up after recutting the sear notch with the 80 degree Diamond Lap.

They are cut to fit into the sear notch after you close it up. Ie, you cannot get into the corner with a right angle edge. Hold the stone so it uses the top side of the sear notch as your guide while polishing the lower side of the notch. Be careful not to change the angle cut by the 80 Degree Diamond Lap.

Heavier, Speed Lock Hammer Springs
The factory hammer springs are marginal at best at just approximately 30 pounds at normal compression.

It is a fact that if you have misfires and talk to TC about it, the first thing they tell you is to take off the hammer extension IF you are using one. In other words, just that little extra weight on the hammer slows it down enough to cause misfires.

Our custom Heavy Hammer Springs are 51 pounds at normal compression, much, much stronger and absolutely essential if you use a hammer extension.

Also, if you have excess headspace, you are much more likely to have misfires. A stronger hammer spring is NOT a total fix for headspace related misfires, but does help a lot. Headspace is critical with these guns and must be kept to a minimum for reliable ignition and best accuracy.

I now install a 51 pound hammer spring in ALL trigger jobs I do on Encores and G2s, no exceptions.

See also the pages below for accuracy and misfire issues related to headspace.

See this article about measuring and correcting headspace.
It is VERY simple to do and is something EVERY TC shooter must do sooner or later since guessing at headspace or ignoring it sooner or later WILL cause serious functional and accuracy problems with these break open guns.

Frankly, if one chooses to ignore headspace, they would probably be better off going back to conventional fixed barrel rifles.

Correcting Headspace via Shimming the Firing Pin Bushing.
It is as easy as taking some simple measurements, removing the screw in front of the hammer, sliding the firing pin bushing out, installing whatever amount of shim is indicated, then reinstalling the firing pin bushing. VERY simple to do.

May require removing some material from the end of the barrel via lathe, mill, file, belt sander, etc. to make clearance room for the firing pin bushing to be moved forward.



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