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Now I can do the smaller chambers for the bore sizes Bergara makes that I have available.

It also means the throat in the barrel will be 100% mine, minimum diameter, aligned with the bore with none of the original factory throat remaining as is often the situation when rechambering existing factory production barrels.

With over 500 chamber reamers there are many possibilities, but here are some recommended suggestions by bore size:

(All "Improved" rounds listed below are Ackley, some of which are cut with P.O. Ackley's own personal reamers I still use today.)

Twist rate.......
ALL barrels listed below are 1-10" twist only.

.243/6mm, Stainless 24" standard contour and 28" fluted,
24" blued, standard contour,
24" stainless, standard contour.

6mmx.223 Rem.
6mm TCU
6mmx47 Improved
6mm BR
6mmx.30/30 Imp. (formed brass available)
6mm Rem., still one of the best 6mms
.240 Weatherby
6mmx.350 Rem. Mag, and old but nearly forgotten wildcat very similar to
6mmx.284, but is a belted case.

.270 cal., Blued, 24" standard contour only.

6.8 SPC
.270 Win.
.270 Ackley Improved, another personal favorite of mine and Kurt's very similar to the .280 Ackley improved in performance.

.30 cal. (.308 groove), Best selection.
Blued 24" standard contour,
Stainless 24" standard contour,
Blued and stainless 26" standard contour,
Stainless 28" fluted.

.32 H&R Mag
.327 Federal
7.62x25 Tokarev (cheap plinking with mil-surp ammo)
7.62x39 Russian
7.62x54 Russian
.30 Carbine
.30x.221 Rem. Fireball, aka .300 Whisper or .300 Blackout*
.300 Whisp-R Improved*
.30x.357 Magnum
.30 Herrett
.30 Bellm**
.30/30 Improved
.30/40 Krag (also .30/40 Krag Improved)
.300 Savage
.30 TC
.30x.444 Marlin 40 degree, aka .309 JDJ

*I cut these chambers with a rim counterbore so you can make cases out of .357 Rem. Max. brass for a rimmed version with better support against the blow of the firing pin, less case shoulder collapse, and easier loading & unloading.

**.30 Bellm is set up for shooting either rimmed or rimless ammo, rimless using fire formed 7mm BR brass.

I also do special throatings, particularly for cast lead shooters.

If you do not see what you are looking for, ask!

Custom options:
Custom chamber, most, $100.
I will cut and precision recrown any of the above to a shorter length for $60.
Drill and tap for handgun forend hole spacing $35.
Drill and tap for front sight $25
Add Weaver scope base with front tip anchored/stabilized, 6 screw $59
Add 3/4" longer picatinny scope base, 6 screw $79
Machine-in Bellm muzzle brake $185
Bellm TBOSS cross cut on breech end for better access to case head $50
Thread muzzle, including thread protector and precision recrown $130

Previously, I could only rechamber to something larger and/or longer than the factory offerings.
This works great except for always being stuck with factory dimensions back at the case head in the event the new chamber shared the same case head size. This usually results in a larger fired case diameter than we like to see.

For example, with the .308 Win. or .30/06" case head size, I prefer to keep the chamber down to around .469" at the web so that with most size dies the case is only worked about .001 to .003" when resized.

At this point factory chambers usually give fired case diameters on the order of something larger than .470" and sometimes as large as .474" or more.

Some size dies only size to about .470" and thus do not overwork the brass, but some dies size to around .467" to .468", thus working the brass more.

Most of us simply do not want bulgy fired cases.

In some instances you have no choice due to the size dies available, but given a choice we can now better match a custom cut chamber to size dies, and within certain limitations even custom tailor dimensions to a given size die.

You are welcome to send a sized case from your size die you intend to use with our barrel or send JUST the STRIPPED size die BODY for my reference.

I will chamber the above barrels with tighter chamber dimensions for any of the standard rounds suitable for the Encore.

Here is a summary listing and prices of the unchambered barrels I have available:

.243/6mm 24" standard contour stainless, $272.95
.243/6mm 28" "pro hunter" contour, stainless fluted, $299.95

.270 cal. 24" standard contour blued, $238.95

.30 cal.:
24" standard contour blued, $238.95
24" standard contour stainless, $272.95
26" standard contour blued $238.95
26" standard contour stainless $272.95
28" "pro hunter"/ TC "heavy" contour fluted stainless, $299.95
(great for more weight, but best cut back to 26" or less for accuracy)

Due to impaired hearing and being a one man shop, please email complete information to me to include these items:
1) Name
2) Credit card billing address, but DO NOT EMAIL CARD NUMBERS!
3) Physical shipping address if different.
4) Phone number.
5) Description of what you want to order.
6) Email info to (copy and paste email address to your message)

Easy as that.

Tip: Copy and paste the barrel description from the listings above into your emailed order.

I will email confirmation of your order and instructions for payment.
Credit cards accepted, but do not send card information by email.
Call in credit card information to me at 541 956- 6938.

Delivery times:
I do not quote delivery times, but most are completed within about 120 days.

For now, only those barrels listed above are available.

I do not quote delivery times. Most barrel orders are filled within about 120 days.


It is against credit card regulations.
Call in credit card information by phone.


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