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NOTE: As of this date, March 24, 2016, Bergara has announced they are no longer making Encore barrels. Encore barrels have officially been dropped from their product lines.
Warranty will continue with replacement or refunds by Bergara.
I will continue to warrant those barrels I have modified from factory original that have my name stamped on the barrel lug.

I will also continue to customize Bergara barrels on a limited basis and continue to offer customer support for Bergara barrels as part of the total Encore system we serve.

About my last factory visit:

The "Old Man" Mike Bellm, second from the left, with the key team in charge of Bergara Encore barrel production as the Chief Design Engineer explains an important point.
But make no mistake, the three guys in black are really the ones, hands on, that "make it happen".
Ignore the date & time not set in the camera. Dates were October 8 & 9, 2012

Bergara Encore barrels Project Manager, Production Manager, and Mike Bellm deep in it.

Racks of other barrels in process.

Barrels, Barrels, and More Barrels

The DIKAR/Bergara factory, Bergara, Spain


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