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"Soft" is the key to great performance with lead core bullets in game at any velocity from close up to the maximum distances .357 Maximum is normally used for on deer.

Hawk uses soft copper jackets and soft lead cores that tend to ball up into a nice mushroom that continues to penetrate instead of breaking up into small fragments that may not even make into vital areas of game.

Never heard of Hawk bullets?
See their site:
Hawk Bullets, Click Here!

This proprietary design is similar to the Henson bullets we have waited over 6 months for and have yet to receive as of 3-8-2017 when this page was first posted..... now 5-12-2017 and no Henson bullets still.

In the meantime I have made arrangements with Hawk for my own proprietary design especially in support of .357 Maximum and .357 Magnum shooters. Overall, the Henson bullet I believe is the most versatile in that it has a thicker jacket in the shank for the most extreme velocities from rounds like .35 Whelen and .350 Rem. Mag. ..... and they are less money, about $20/hundred less.
I expect Henson to complete a run of his bullets eventually for those of us holding out for him.

The fact remains .357 Maximum shooters need good game bullets and have relatively few top quality game bullets to choose from. Excellent as they all are when used appropriately, each has its somewhat narrow limitations.

Those that expand well at low velocity like the common revolver bullets, other than Hornady XTP, tend to blow up like a varmint bullet when shot at full speed from rifle length .357 Maximum barrels at close range.

Those that hold together great at high speed close-in fail to expand at all at the more extreme distances.

The quest has been to design a bullet for all situations:
close in at high speed,
farther out at low terminal velocity, and
any distance the slower 10" barrels are shot at.

Henson and Hawk bullets come the closest to the perfect bullet for everything from 10" barrels on up through the maximum velocities from .357 Maximum and .357 Herrett at rifle velocities +/- 2,400 fps.

For .35 Whelen class velocities, I suggest Hawk's .35s with thicker .030" jackets for deer, up to .050" thick for bigger critters.

Long nose and all, this bullet makes length for .356/.358 Winchester and .35 Remington tubular magazine lever guns and box magazines.

Key design features of this 180 gr. bullet:

Pointed nose profile for less drop at longer distances.

.025" SOFT jacket, double the thickness of most revolver type bullets, but thin enough to expand well with a large soft nose to initiate expansion.

Crimp groove only 3/16" from the base of the bullet for maximum powder capacity and highest velocity with slowest powders like AA-1680 in .357 Magnum and .357 Maximum cases.

Flat tip for seating with conventional .357 Magnum and Maximum seating dies without having to use a special seat stem. (But note that pointed profile and current Redding .357 Magnum seat stems assure better concentricity of the loaded round.)

For .35 Remington tubular magazines also.

Special note for those shooting .357 Magnum and .357 Maximum barrels with the SAAMI forcing cone chamber throat getting mediocre accuracy.
Early testing of the Henson bullets with similar profile in a 10" TC forcing cone chamber barrel suggested that the combination of nose shape and shorter bullet shank may be the key to better accuracy from the very poorly designed SAAMI factory chambers.

The long, gentle taper of the nose appears to center up better in the forcing cone, and there is less bullet shank exposed in the oversize cone to get distorted.

In any of the TC and H&R .357 Magnum or .357 Maximum chambers, give this Hawk bullet a try.
See this page to see the difference in throating, Click Here.

Order these Hawk bullets:
These are serious hunting bullets for the serious hunter who realizes the nonsense of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a hunt and then losing game to a cheap two-bit bullet that either blew up on the shoulder or just poked a clean hole through the deer.

Do your practice with cheap bullets but go to the field doing things right!

That last millisecond with fur in the scope is not the time to be chincing on bullets.

Price, $84 per hundred or $45/50 bulk packed.
Shipping for up to 500 bullets, $7

Send check or money order to and make payable to:

Mike Bellm
2410 West 350 North
Hurricane, UT 84737

or email your address and phone number to
then call me at 541 956 6938 with credit card information.
DO NOT send card information in emails!


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