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Broken hammer repair.
The hammer spurs on TC Encore frames are quite frail and frequently bend or break off in the thin area of the spur.

Steve does a neat, clean job of welding the original spur back on, stronger than when new!

Steve repaired one for me years ago, and except for the hollow on the bottom of the thin, welded area being solid with weld, you would never know it had been welded at all.

Remove the hammer from the frame and send it to him....... do not send the frame.

Click here for Encore disassembly/reassembly instructions.

Muzzle loader and Encore shotgun barrel firing pin modification to eliminate the small firing pin in the TC guns hanging up in the primer or piercing it.

Examine any shotgun, and you will find its firing pin is much larger than the firing pins in the TC guns.

TC's small firing pins are prone to either piercing the primer or not retracting back into the firing pin bushing causing the barrel to be hard to open and risking bending or breaking the firing pin for it.

He either drills out your firing pin bushing or makes a new bushing, then makes a new, larger & traditional size shotgun type firing pin.

Muzzle loader trigger jobs.

Tired of the heavy and/or rough trigger pull trying to do your best shooting?

Have Steve lighten and smooth the trigger.

Breech plug alterations to use rifle or pistol type primers and/or modified for the popular Blackhorn 209 loose powder which requires a different flash hole configuration for good ignition.

Convert your .45/70 cartridge barrel, such as H&R, CVA, or Encore, to muzzle loader.

Pillar bed forends, including synthetic forends.
Most of the time the synthetic forends shoot fine without alteration, but some accuracy problems are solved by pillar bedding the forend so there is no contact at all between the forend, barrel, and frame except for an area immediately around the forend screws, aka "pillar bedding".

Wood forends are more apt to give poor accuracy without bedding attention.

Steve's "Blank Lock" adaptor for side hammer muzzle loaders.
The adaptor uses stud gun blanks from the hardware store in place of powder as the propellant source.

The common stud gun blank is both the ignition and propellant source, cheaper than .22 LR ammo. Cast your own lead balls, and shoot cheap!

Can also be used for shot loads.

Novelty or utilitarian, use it for light duty target practice, training new shooters, small game, plinking, and quieter shooting, have a look!

Another of his innovations is a primer nipple for using small rifle primers on side hammer muzzle loaders. Standard 1/4" x 28 thread. $9.95

Steve's "Blank & Ball" design converts cap and ball revolvers to use stud gun blanks as the sole ignition and propellant, beautifully done, I might add.

Blank Lock website, Click Here for details!

Blank & Ball Revolver Conversion, another of Steve's innovations

Construction stud gun blanks are both the primer and propellant firing round lead balls from cap & ball revolvers, fired by the rimfire adaptor plate and special cylinder chambered for blank and round ball.

Contact Steve at (417) 574-6565
or email:

Do NOT send cartridge guns or frames to him.
You can send any complete muzzle loader and any barrel, but no cartridge gun frames such as the Encore or Pro Hunter frames.


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