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General Interest Articles, to make for better TC shooting!
    Favorite Contender Cartridges
    Some just make more sense than others.

    A Comparison of .30 Caliber Contender Cartridges
    .30 cal. is one of the most popular and useful Contender bore sizes. .30 cal. cartridges for top level performance range from moderate to ridiculous. Pick the one that works best for your situation.

    Maximum Cartridges for Contender/G2
    It only took over 40 years for MOST shooters to finally learn what the limits of the Contender are, but here are the guidelines to be observed in choosing a cartridge for a Contender.... or G2.

    Maximum Cartridges for the Encore
    Learn the limits of the Encore! It is nowhere near as strong as a bolt action!
    Over 15 years after the Encore's introduction in 1997, too many shooters still don't have a clue. Hopefully it does not take 40 years to get the message across!

    6-Screw Bases, How NOT To Do It
    Particularly aluminum Weaver type rails that hang out over the taper of the barrel are a springboard that tend to cause vertical stringing of shots.

    Precision Recrowning
    More involved than other methods, here is the method I use to get a precisely cut crown, square to the bore with the least marring of the barrel's finish.

    Lee Size Dies
    Tired of the Lee decap stem slipping in the collet? Pin it in place!
    Here's how.

    Bandsaw Power Case Trimming
    With holders made for the case to allow it to spin against the bandsaw blade, you get a truly square cut, FAST, and with outside neck deburring eliminated!

    Forend Pillar Bedding
    Here is how to do it, step by step with pix.

    Bellm/Shearer (Maximum Pressure Determination for Contenders)
    .444 Marlin has been the basis for numerous Contender/G2 chamberings. Here is a very precise method for determining what the maximum pressure should be for .444 Marlin and any cartridge based on the .444 Marlin case.


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