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TC Encore-ProHunter-G2 Heavy Duty Hammer Spring ( 1 )-HDHS-1 $7.95
NO GUNSMITH INSTALLATION. ANYONE can do it...... just unscrew the hex nut the grip or buttstock attaches to and the old spring and strut drop out.

Highly recommended if a hammer extension is installed.

TC Encore and G2 use the same hammer spring.

The factory hammer spring is simply marginal at best.
Avoid misfires and get better accuracy with a stronger hammer spring, especially if you use a hammer extension.

NOTE: Thompson Center states clearly that you will likely get misfires with a hammer extension with their standard hammer spring, admitting in effect their hammer spring is marginal

If you use a hammer extension, in most instances you MUST use a stronger hammer spring also.

TC Encore-ProHunter-G2 Heavy Duty Hammer Spring 4 Pk. - HDHS 4 Pk. $24.95
Save money with 4 pack


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