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Links and contacts we recommend
Out of the ordinary sites we find quite interesting and useful.

Production Barrels and Accessories.

Ken Kelly is a T/C fanatic and provided the original magna porting for the T/C custom shop.

Graf & Sons for Bergara Encore Barrels and shooting supplies
Bergara and Thompson Center factory production barrels, stocks, grips, & accessories from Graf's, one of the best sources for all shooting and reloading supplies.

Various Reloading and Shooting Sites of Interest
Haus of Arms
Shop specializing in TC guns and accessories.
Excellent forum with classified ads service.
Good folks!

Ammo Guide web site
Outstanding site for chamber diagrams, reloading data, and more. Excellent resource for cartridge and loading data, one I rely on frequently keeping up with the myriad of cartridges.

Reloader's Nest
Load Data
6mm BR Website
Want to get into high tech accuracy? This is a great site to see what is going on and how to go about it from some of the top shooters, smiths, and barrel makers in the country.

The Cast Bullet Association
Die hard cast bullet shooters with lots of expertise in the field of cast lead bullets.

LBT cast bullet moulds
The premiere authority on getting the best from cast lead bullets. You should especially read his articles related to throat diameters and fire lapping.

Accurate Molds
Very broad assortment of cast bullet designs or design your own.

Shooting Supplies In General
Ballistic Products for shot shell, shotgun slugs, and reloading
They specialize in all sorts of shotgun wads and slugs, many of which have application for loading shot loads in straight wall common calibers like .444 Marlin and .44 Mag. especially. Very thorough and innovative support of shotgun shooters, both shot and slugs and slug ammo.

Specialty Reloading Dies
CH-4D Die Company

For all sorts of custom reloading and case forming dies at respectable prices. Prices for custom dies have gone through the roof, but CH-4D continues to provide excellent service providing custom dies.

Find the Reloading Dies listing in their menu and glean through the very interesting list.

If something strikes your interest, let me know. With over 500 chamber reamers and a size die in hand, I can probably cut the chamber for it.

Los Angeles Silhouette Club
Loaded with lots of good reloading and shooting information of interest to all shooters.

Custom Ammo & Brass:
CNC Cartridge Co.
Top quality .30 Bellm ammunition custom, loaded, production loaded, and reloaded. If you do not reload and want to take advantage of the .30 Bellm, CNC is the one to talk to for both new ammunition and for reloading your fired .30 Bellm brass.

They have been our choice for commercially loading .30 Bellm ammo and have been the sole source for .30 Bellm ammunition since its introduction and approval with the State of Illinois DNR in 1998. Quality is top notch!

They also supply .357 Remington Maximum ammo & will custom load.

Family owned and operated, good folks to deal with.

Call (618) 439-9053 for information.

Grizzly Cartridge Co.
Loaded ammo and cast bullets, including several loads for .357 Rem. Maximum

Quality Cartridge Co.
Specialty ammo, brass, and correctly headstamped wildcat brass.

Reed's Ammo
Specialty ammo, including .357 Remington Maximum

Rocky Mountain Cartridge Co.
Lathe turned specialty cartridge cases.... obsolete, black powder, rifle, pistol, and shotgun including .410 ga, and special order brass. Special dimension brass for correcting excess headspace is also an option they offer.

All About Proper Case Annealing

"MUST READ" info on proper ways to anneal brass and also how to test brass to see if annealing is needed in the first place and if it has been correctly annealed.

Safari Arms Custom Loaded Specialty Ammunition
Custom loadings from the smallest rounds on up through the big bore double rifles for African hunting.

Colorado Custom Cartridges
Custom Loaded Ammunition For That Precision Shot!

T/C AND ALL OTHER SHOOTERS. How would you like to obtain ammunition that:
Is no longer made by the ammo factories, manufactured only when they want to and very limited (seasonal runs), wildcat calibers, ammo
that is loaded for your needs and with components you request, Calibers and loads that are assembled with components that the factories do
not offer, target and or match loads, and loaded to your receipt.

Colorado Custom Cartridge Co. LLC. a multi Federal licensed ammunition manufacture. We manufacture ammunition for individuals, working
one on one with them. We also supply Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife, private gun clubs and retail sporting good stores. We
manufacture both new ammunition and re-manufactured. We can also reload your brass (saving you $$).

Please feel free to email or call us directly with any questions or for a quote.
Colorado Custom Cartridges CO. LLC

Custom Barrels and TC Gunsmiths

Match Grade Machine custom Encore & Contender barrels
My first pick of the custom barrel makers. Also do bolt gun & other fixed barrel gunwork.

SHOTS Gunsmith-Pistolsmith
Located just a few miles apart for over 10 years in Oregon and working together closely, Jim Hendershot is a first pick for doing Encore/Pro Hunter, Contender, G2 trigger jobs.

Metaloy Hard Chrome Finishing
One of the oldest and best of the firearms refinishers.

David White's Precision Rifle Works
D And T Custom Gunworks.

Bolt action, Ruger No.1, NEF, TC barrel rechamber work, barrel "stubbing," and TC Encore, G2 trigger jobs using our springs. NEF Handi-Rifle trigger jobs. Specialist in long range accuracy. Load development work and accuracy tuning.
Use the link above or call:
Leave message if no answer.

The Gun Works of Central New York
General gunsmithing, bluing, and shotgun ventilated ribs.

Randall Rausch, TC and general barrel work
Rechambering, recrowning, sight work, muzzle threading, parkerizing.
Serving southern California area and by mail. Reasonable rates and turn around.

Ricky Bethke, Beyond Ballistics, LLC, bolt action work
Bolt action rifle work, long range target rifles.

Steve Mueller, muzzle loader conversions to meet primitive weapons regulations.
Steve converts Encore muzzle loaders to use caps instead of 209 primers which are not legal in some states and/or converts them to "open ignition" where primitive weapons are required.

If the 209x50 Encore barrels are not legal for hunting in your state, contact Steve: (417) 574-6565 or cell 354-4329
Shoot Side Hammer Muzzle Loaders Using Construction Stud Gun Blanks
Another muzzle loader innovation by Steve Mueller uses stud gun blanks to propel .32 cal. muzzle loader round balls to about 1400 fps, .45 cal. to about 950 fps, and .50 cal. to about 650 fps for clean, quiet target practice or small game shooting.

Lowest power level blanks can also be used in conjunction with blackpowder.

Canadian Customers:

Wortner Gunworks
(519) 352-0924 or

Warranty station for CVA muzzle loaders and various centerfire guns. Specializes in muzzle loaders.

Barrel machine work & general TC repairs:
Barclay Painter


Selling your collection of guns, barrels, & shooting equipment

Superior Antiques Liquidation Services
Highly experienced specialists in quick, reliable sales of average collections and estates with their 30/30 policy, 30 days for 30% of fair market value with 100% sale of all items in the lot.

They take the stress and strain out of turning shooting equipment into cash while maximizing your return when death, divorce, or crises impact life.

Misc. Sites of General Interest
Tony's Forends and Stocks
Custom Encore and Contender/G2 grips and pillar bedded forends for best accuracy.

Here is your answer for forend bedding issues!

Staunton River Outfitters
Sean Coombs' reviews and evaluations of barrels modified or custom made by Mike Bellm. Lots of good pix by an avid TC aficionado that appreciates accurate barrels!

Shooting Software

Excellent articles on barrel harmonics, pressure indications, and a number of other accuracy & ballistics topics.

This is not an endorsement of their software products since I have not tested any of them. But the information presented falls into what I consider the "Must Read" category.

JC Holleran
Gun bluing, smithing and parts. Fast turn around and quality workmanship done the old school way. 1.570.724.7285

Guns & Ammo Directory of the trade

Looking for a particular business or source for something? Check out the Guns & Ammo Directory

JB Bore Cleaner, USP Bore Paste
Makers of the original JB bore cleaner, bore cleaning products, and lappiing compounds for firelapping barrels. I understand that Brownell's now carries the JB bore cleaning compound.

Jim Hendershot's Gunsmithing
Jim is a "go-to-guy" for excellent trigger jobs on Encores, G2's, and Contenders with very reasonable rates and quick turn around.
One of Jim's specialties is also fabrication of excellent portable shooting rests. Makes great products near where I used to live in Grants Pass, OR.
Jim is a good friend and all around good guy to work with.

Jim at the bench with a .50 BMG.... check out his site!

Hodgdon Reloading Data Online
Pretty broad assortment of data including many new rounds.

TC Factory Barrel Twist Rates
Hosted by the TC-List

Hawk Handgun Bullets
Maker of premium game bullets for a wide variety of rifle applications, Hawk also stands out as one of the best sources of outstanding bullets for handgunners. Of particular interest is the fact that they offer a choice of jacket thickness as well as point form to give the desired terminal performance according to the game being hunted. Ie, thin jacket for lighter game like deer, heavier jacket for bigger/tougher game.


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