Kurt Michael Bellm owns and manages the Mike Bellm TCs custom parts business and 1Gunshop.com with his wife Stephanie. A lifetime of shooting experience along with a dynamic customer service background, we care about you and your T/C like no other company on or off the internet. 

Your feedback is always appreciated so that we can provide the best purchasing experience possible.

All products are in stock and ready to ship unless noted otherwise.

We keep all product pages updated to show availability. We will advise you of any availability issues as needed.

If you have any questions before placing an order, please email or text first, Cell/Text phone 1.970.433.9525 or 1.970.323.8868 Land/Fax Call Ahead

Leave a clear message. All calls with voicemails will be returned promptly.

Email kurt@bellmtcs.com


If the barrel you are interested in is not on the Barrels page linked to above, it is not available, and you need to refer to Kurt’s inventory or a custom barrel maker.

Once again, I, Mike Bellm, do not “make” barrels, and I personally do not deal in TC factory made barrels. I only customize existing barrels, either those I have from Bergara, a barrel you buy from me or Kurt, or a barrel you send to me.