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FIRING PINS ENCORE ProHunter G2 and Contender

FIRING PINS ENCORE ProHunter G2 and Contender

Using state of the art material and manufacturing processes, we make our own line of replacement firing pins for the T/C single shots. A bent or broken firing pin always seems to happen when you least expect it. A problem due to the material and springs used, we knew that there was an immediate need for a better firing pin and so when we deciding to manufacture our own we spared NO EXPENSE in choosing the best possible materials available. Our firing pins are CNC manufactured to the tightest tolerances and utilize an S7 tool steel, the perfect material for the constant impact of the hammer. Guaranteed for life against breaking or bending, if you ever have a failure we will replace it (proof of purchase required) Simply stated we have yet to replace a single one, yes they are that good. Now made for all Encore ProHunters, G2 and both generation Contenders