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HINGE PINS ENCORE/Prohunter G2 Contender

HINGE PINS ENCORE/Prohunter G2 Contender

THE PRODUCT that started our custom parts business back in 1979. The very first contender that entered our shop in 1979 had a loose factory hinge pin that was effecting the accuracy of the weapon. After several failed attempts of obtaining tighter fitting hinge pins we started making our own one at a time, by hand. Once the word got out that immediate accuracy benefits were obtained by simply installing a tighter fitting hinge pin we knew that our pins were a huge success. This is by far the NUMBER ONE product that almost always shows an immediate improvement in general accuracy and function of the weapon, A TIGHT HINGE PIN is a must for consistent accuracy. We now utilize state of the art manufacturing processes to produce the finest quality hinge pin available today. A self install and instructions included with every pin, you simply use the stock pin as a guide for the oversize pin when installing. A tighter more consistent grouping weapon, you will likely see an immediate difference on paper. Don't settle for a loose as goose hinge pin, purchase your BELLM custom oversized hinge pin today! Available for all Encore/Prohunter in 4 different sizes, and G2 Contender in 2 different sizes.